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What are the Bitcoin trading strategies and the factors affecting them?

 What are the Bitcoin trading strategies and the factors affecting them?

What are the Bitcoin trading strategies and the factors affecting them?

Surely you may have heard about bitcoin trading but don't know where or how to start? Here is our article that will talk about Bitcoin trading and everything you need to know about how to trade it and how to choose the perfect and reliable trading platform, tips, and strategies you should know before you start trading. 

By the end of this guide, you will be able to trade bitcoin with confidence

What is bitcoin trading?

It is a currency that is traded on the open market and is not under the control of any central government. Bitcoin trading is the process of speculating on the price of Bitcoin to earn profits. 

The process is not just about buying and keeping Bitcoin, Bitcoin trading enables you to adhere to a few different standards

Why trade bitcoin?

Because it attracts investors, through its volatility, you can reap profits. Of course, but you know that this volatility makes the possibility of losses just as easily. 

If you want to trade bitcoin, it's important to educate yourself about the bitcoin market - and be sure to assess your risk tolerance.

What are the ways to trade bitcoin?

There are two ways to trade bitcoin:

 Either by buying the same currency, hoping to sell it and making a profit,

Or by speculating on its value without owning the symbol, and this is what is done by CFDs. A CFD enables you to trade a contract based on prices in the underlying market.

What are the factors that affect the price of bitcoin?

Many factors affect the price of bitcoin, here are the factors that affect the price of bitcoin at the present time.

1- supply and demand

Supply part: It is through which the price of Bitcoin is determined by solving certain equations, which is also called Bitcoin mining.

The other part is the demand: the demand for bitcoin, coupled with an awareness of the importance of bitcoin, its popularity, and trust among members of the cryptocurrency community.

If the demand is high and the supply does not meet the demand, this leads to a rise in the price of Bitcoin, with Bitcoins not exceeding 21 million, the supply is largely controlled and therefore the price is expected to continue to rise.

2- Regulations imposed by governments on currency

Bitcoin BTC today on a general and global level is not subject to any specific government regulations, so governments tend to set their own regulations, but some countries have already issued regulatory laws for the encrypted bitcoin, such as Japan, 

the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America, the more the government imposes a ban or Restricting the use of Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin is changing, the most important factor due to which almost all governments want to abolish the Bitcoin payment method is the anonymity associated with it.

3- The news is either positive or negative

Bitcoin is a very volatile currency, any small change that affects the price of bitcoin, is easy to manipulate by negative and positive propaganda in the news, news related to hacking or ICO ban by China, or some prominent celebrities who declare that bitcoin is deceptive to a negative impact on the price of bitcoin. Bitcoin.

The market value of the currency is not great when compared to the global economy, simple rumors circulating on the web may lead to a drop in value, but negative news does not have the power to destroy the currency.

4- Users and developers

Bitcoin users and developers are an essential and influential factor that leads to Bitcoin price fluctuations. 

Trust plays a big role in the electronic currency environment, although there are currencies that have been developed with more accurate features than Bitcoin, it is still the most valuable currency because of the trust that society places on the currency.

What are the Bitcoin trading strategies online?

Here are the digital currency trading strategies (Bitcoin):

1- Leverage

It is said that trading encrypted digital currencies are associated with risks, and it is easy for prices to collapse overnight, 

so the issue of financial leverage, in this case, maybe of paramount importance to achieving profits, and despite that, brokerage companies rarely provide leverage from the ground up, and those who provide it are only about 40% and the leverage reaches Finance from 1 to 30 in very few cases

2- Long-term and short-term deals

The most important advantage of trading in encrypted digital currencies is that it has the possibility of trading in two ways, long-term and short-term, so this feature enables you to achieve your profits well when prices move significantly.

3- Financing Margins

Bitcoin has the lowest commission among the various currencies as it is in the lead among the various cryptocurrencies.

Whereas, the Bitcoin commission is about 0.07% of the value traded, which is a reasonable rate of 4

4- Fundamental Analysis

We know that fundamental analysis is incomparable with technical analysis in currency trading, but we can no doubt not forget that it supports technical analysis, as it gives great confidence to get profitable deals and make bigger profits.

5- Technical analysis

High and advanced technology has a major role in the work of technical analysts to obtain more accuracy and ease. 

The commitment of currencies to levels of support and resistance and trends is often clear and unchanged, unlike currencies.

What are the benefits of bitcoin trading?

1- Freedom to pay

Bitcoin gives you the freedom to pay i.e. being able to send money as well as get it anywhere in the world at any time

2- Control and security

It enables users to control their transactions and this helps keep Bitcoin safe

3- The information is transparent

All final transactions are available for all to see, but personal information is hidden.

4- Very little fee

There are no fees or minimal fees

Very within Bitcoin payments

5- Less risk for traders

It does not carry personal information, is secure, and traders are protected from potential losses that may occur as a result of fraud.

Best bitcoin trading platforms

1- AVATRADE Company

The oldest and largest brokerage company in the world, it owns 6 licenses, including the Abu Dhabi license. It gives you security and investment to direct you to investment with steady steps towards currency trading. AvaTrade Review

2- IronFX Company

The best investment company because it is one of the oldest Cypriot and international companies, uses many versions of the most famous platforms such as MetaTrader4 and WebTrader4. IronFX Rating


It is the leading Swiss bank for trading and investment, characterized by providing commercial and financial services through the Internet, with offices in more than one city around the world, such as:

 Dubai, London, Malta, Hong Kong, Zurich, Bern, and Singapore. To evaluate Swissquote Bank

4- NCMInvest

Licensed by the Kuwait Capital Markets Authority, listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, assessed by NCMInvest

5- DTT. company

It is the leading company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Arab ownership, local licenses and offices, Global DTT rating


One of the largest trading and investment companies in the United Arab Emirates, to evaluate Noor Capital

7- EXNESS Company

It owns several licenses around the world, the main one in Cyprus,

8- ADSS Company

Licensed by the Central Bank of the Emirates, and has international licenses, ADSS assessment

9 - AMANA Capital

Founded in Lebanon, owns several licenses.

10- FXPro

One of the largest trading companies in the world

Bitcoin trading tips

Invest the money you can afford to lose

 Educate yourself about cryptocurrency

 I understand the terminology used in cryptocurrency

Be aware of the value a currency brings

 Know when to buy and when to sell

Learn how to find tools

 Monitor cryptocurrency liquidity

Why trade Bitcoin CFDs (BTC) with the Union of Arab Investors?

Because it has the best licensed and reliable companies

Safety and trust

It gives you the ability to choose between many digital currencies

 The ability to use generous leverage and get more leverage of your capital up to 20:1

 How to Trade CFDs on Bitcoin in 4 Steps

1- Create an account

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2- Create a trading plan

After choosing the necessary strategy for trading, you should prepare a trading plan if you are new to the markets, as it enables you to define the goals that you want to achieve

Decision making to avoid acceptable risks in each trade, and the ability to choose the risk-reward ratio to see the potential profits you need to cover potential losses


You have to research to be aware of the latest Bitcoin news

To view and follow the latest news to know all new

4- Trade